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Movilfest is a growing international organisation established in 2010. We are currently working to build a community and create a more just, fun, creative, healthy & equitable world. We are looking for works produced by mobile devices form around the world.

Do you have a mobile phone with internet connection or access to it? You have one of the most powerful tools of this century. Use it with responsability.

Sandra González, Founder, CEO and Art Director of Movilfest

Mobile International Cities

The mission is to connect countries, cities and towns  around the world “without exceptions” through the Movilfest cities. Physical spaces and opportunities in professional markets for all, participating in the dynamics of the emerging global and digital culture. The biggest challenge: build the cultural norms of the new social tools, art and technology that make us better than we are for an equitable world.

Famous clients

we\’ve worked so far with
Investing in mobile business and mobile culture is investing in all social strata in the world
The cultural sponsorship, a socially responsible image, where Movilfest sponsors invest in culture through mobile devices to produce wealth, well-being and self-esteem in society, create more initiatives and ability to undertake professionals or personal projects.

The images and videos on this site all right reserved to their authors, are creations selected by the organisation or participants. If you are interested in any author contact us.
Movilfest Team
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