Movilfestenerife 2012 | 11 | 10

Movilfestenerife here we started
The First Mobile Film Festival
A mobile film festival MADE IN SPAIN created by the spanish Sandra González CEO, Creative Director and Founder. Movilfest celebrated the first edition in the year 2010 held in her hometown TENERIFE. Her concept born in Miami FL. in 2009 but she decided to develop her own idea in her second home.
Share the talent

At that moment Tenerife was pioneered to host a festival where all works must be recorded by mobile phones: Movilfestenerife. Her vision was invite all the people to record with phones with video without questioning the quality only to share the talent.

A More Equal World

The mission was to have a more equal world through mobile devices, put into competition to anyone with the same conditions.“The mobile phones with access to record video make it so simple that complicate everything, only you should show emotions and this you have it or not. It is not about to manage a good budget to produce a film, a documentary or a news” – Sandra González.

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