Movilfestafrica 2015

The Mobile Boom

The mobile phone industry in Africa has boomed over the past five years with a growth rate of 550% recorded for this period.

Mobile for a Better Life

Mobile phones have allowed African communities to transcend the problems of terribly poor and often non-existent infrastructure as well as the problem of isolation; to promote entrepreneurship, development, culture and ultimately bring a better life for people who have long lost sight of any hope.

Dakar, the Largest Bridge to Africa

Movilfest’s mission is to connect people using mobile video and apps. To build the largest bridge between Africa and the rest of the world. Mobile for development and for display one of the oldest cultures with its powerful identity. One of MFA’s goal is to give access to cultural awareness through mobile devices with an international competition, to educate and unify those who want to harness the power of mobile for good use. Our project is located in Dakar, capital of Senegal city. News coming soon!

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