Movilfestbudapest 2014 | 13 | 12

Movilfestbudapest the european mobile capital festival
The 3rd Edition
Hungary in 2014 celebrated the 4th edition of our mobile film and innovation festival in Europe to develop a meeting point location in the geographical centre of Europe: Movilfestbudapest.
Budapest, the base

Budapest has been the city that built the physical bridge with Movilfest to host the world competition in the European continent. For give opportunities to all the people that have a mobile device or access to it.

For a More Equitable World

Sponsored by Forum Hungaricum and Nano Base as main partner, with the colaboration of Erzsébet Square, Csepel, Mobilotthon, I like Budapest, Movibeta, Audi Centrum Budapest and Burn sharing the same vision and values, ​​summarized in this sentence: for a more equitable world through the mobile devices. Mobile short films, news, documentaries… have arrived from more than 60 countries from all the continents.

Submit your work
In 2014, we would like to invite “without exception” to submit your mobile work. Professionals, amateurs,  mobile friends, dreamers, directos, photographs and so on, all of you are welcome to our mobile days .

Submissions are free of charge

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