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EME statuette designed by Bysan created by KERAMIKUM

Innovation creates advantage

The EME Award believes that innovation creates competitive advantage and directly builds the economy of the world to honour the creative spirit and the talent through the mobile devices. We know that stimulating innovation is an on-going process. The award honours the creative spirit by recognising the most innovative works made with or for mobile phones, tablets or web cameras.

The Honorary EME Award

In year 2010, Movilfestenerife, Tenerife (Spain) hosted first MFA edition and instituted an Honorary EME Award given by the selection committee headed by Jorge Gorostiza and Movilfest founder Sandra González. This EME Award celebrates an individual achievements in the arts industry, rewarding three characteristics of the Movilfest concept: THE “3IS” INVENTIVENESS IMAGINATION INNOVATION  in any era in any discipline.

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